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Our Background

Tire Kickers was started in 2013 after a relative bought a used car that turned out to be a real lemon.  We realized if that car had been inspected by a professional it would not have been purchased and my cousin would not have been stuck with a junk automobile.

My Favorite Cars

I've never met a car I didn't like, but my personal favorites are 70's Muscle Cars. I love it when I get to drive one of these powerful cars down the main street on a sunny day. It makes all the hard work worth it!

How We See Cars

We don't just see a car.  We see a purpose for the vehicle.  We see a family car that needs to be safe and dependable.  We see that special car that you have been looking for, that car that you will have pride in owning, possibly the car of your dreams.   Yes, that is the car we see.

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Most inspections completed within 48 hours after receiving order.

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